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Illegal Drugs
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heres a lot of big space. its pretty lame. reading this makes u pretty lame. stop being lame.

Here's the intro

fpr my site - if you don't understand the content, read the table of contents, idiot. In terms of updating, I'll probably update this site once a week unless I dont want to, in which case you can't make me. If u try to, your really lame. Stop being lame. If I'm away for a long time, I'm either fly-fishing in Montana, or taking my mom to the prom.

im gary. Let's talk a little about me, shall we? Dont do drugs cuz they are just blechasdjkfda. I like soccer, snowboarding, sunsets and australia are cool, music, books, sports, hanging with friends, drama, drums, dogs, led zeppelin, sex pistols, steve miller, queen, beatles and more. If u wanna find out more about me, u can email me and I'll tell you everything you need to know.

By the way, if u actually do that, you need to get a life.

Maybe you can take up macrame. I'm just saying, man. Give it a chance. All the cool kids are doing it. You know, the knitting club kids and all those guys in the Babylon 5 chat room.

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