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ello guv'ner, this is the site of gary
 (@ @)
|If u have sound, the song|
|  ur hearing is "Secret  |
|Agent Man" (im the agent)|
  || ||
 ooO Ooo

ok lets get this formal stuff out of the way before i get into my site. theres not alot.

for this site to work properly, u must set ur screen resolution to 1024 x 768. For windows xp, go to Start>Control Panel>Appereance and Themes>Change the Screen Resolution and set it. For other windows systems, go to Start>Control Panel>Display, then go to the tab Settings and set it.

if u wanna see more ubercool, visit my friend toby's site or the site for Under The Pleather which consists of my friends Kaelan, Sam, Garth and sum weird kid named Riley.

hey u can email me suggestions about my site or tell me wats wrong... as long as u compliment me too :). Like, if links dont work or if ur sound is plugged in but u dont hear the music, plz email me.

but dont b an idiot about the song and make sure its the song thats not playing if ur gonna email me, not that ur sound isnt working and ur too busy fagging to notice.

ok thats it


wen i get settled down, maybe ill come up with sum, like, real content for my page *gasp*. i kno my page is a little barren rite now, but i'll add more. soon. besides, u can spend ur time admiring all my lickable content that i do have. mmmm. licky.

1. heres the introduction to my site if u wanna read it

2. these r sum weird virtual monsters i designed. cool huh

3. now its time for gary's storytime! we'll all sit together, hold hands, wear coconut bras and straw skirts, give birth to lots of children named rain and rose, and read stories.

4. now, normally, the extras are last on the list. not here.